The art of….seeing that movie

As the title suggests (if you’ve seen previews for it) I saw the movie The Art of Racing in the Rain today. If you’re not familiar it’s a movie about the companionship between a dog and his human. Right up my alley. Animals and humans being closer than humans and humans. This will surprise you: the entire time I was tearing up thinking about my cat. Mostly from a line said in the beginning concerning the dog…that he’s “more human than dog”….and that’s Johnny. She’s more human than cat. I have to say though, the kids next to me were equally endearing and I’m not sure why. They were just giggling, making side comments and other noises as candy was demolished. In adults I find these things less adorable but with kids it makes me happy-to see them in their little bubble of a movie, candy, blankets. Also every point they made was running through my head and we cried at the same time. I bet they’re having a sleepover. Also I missed the deadline to apply for it but came across a job listing to take care of a rescued family of ducks….my favorite line was part of the daily tasks was “talking to ducks”….man, I would’ve crushed that job.


  1. I can do relate to your words and my dogs were part of the family and so much more than just an animal. The name doesn’t even do them justice and in many ways I felt like you and still do. Johnny is lucky to have you and you are lucky for Johnny. It’s purr fect

      • The pleasure is all mine Ashley.
        I have been closer to some animals than people and I have a special connection with them. I’m an animal lover for sure and could watch, pet them and just love on them for hours. ❤️

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