Bury your head

In this picture johnny has buried her head into my arm. She does this a lot and I’m not sure what purpose it serves…maybe her little world in our home gets overwhelming and she can’t face it. Her cat towers could be challenging, her water dish might be spilling itself..maybe the toys have ganged up on her I’m not sure-but something gets her ready for bury head in arm stance. I do the same thing, just not into a persons arm. I head for pillows, blankets…guess that’s it. I was going to say water but it raises a death wish flag and I’m not looking for a way out of life-just a helmet for brief hiding, denial and procrastination. Randomly, remember the carnival ride “the graviton”? It popped into my head (probably when hiding in a life avoidance helmet) the other day and I thought…why did I like that thing so much? It spun me around making me feel paralyzed and sick to my stomach. I’m glad I no longer think that’s a good ride. So I’ve got that going for me.


  1. How cute is that? My cat, Miss Potter, likes to do the same thing. Sometimes I feel like burying my head in someone’s elbow, don’t you? The world is crazy.
    But I know something that will change your life, and give you hope! I’m not trying to promote myself, but I think this post I wrote a while ago could help you. I only want to spread the love I’ve been given 🙂
    Please check it out!

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