Watch this!

I’ve always been a people watcher. I’m about to make that less creepy sounding. I appreciate other people-and how the smallest interactions can influence my life. It may be why I’ve never had issues with delays in transportation etc…there’s always stuff to watch. Airports are my favorite because of the heightened emotions around people arriving, uniting, departing, expectations and disappointments, traveling with others or solo. I have a special place in my chest cavity (tired of using the phrase “in my heart”) for anyone traveling with kids for many reasons-the biggest being I’ve never seen a larger population with more looks of concern around how they’re affecting other people. I’ve had limited experience in this realm with my nieces but I’ll say this: from the moment you enter the airport it’s like “here goes nothing, I’ve got this little human with the full range of emotions as adults but it’s going to be completely unpredictable which ones come out and for how long.” You scan your bags “do I have a thing for each emotion? And back up ones for those? What the kid liked yesterday could drive them to hurl it in the air today.” It’s a lot-so I try to reach out where I can observing anyone with kids in these situations even though I’m quite an introvert. It can be so simple-there was a little boy screaming across from me in an airport once and all I did was make eye contact with him and smile. I didn’t fix him, but he paused and engaged with me as he tried his best to regulate this outburst he was in. I do believe having something as simple as my cat at home when I’m in an outburst helps me better learn these things. I can be losing my mind and just her meeting my eyes cues my brain that I’m not alone and it’s ok to calm down. Cats, kids, adults, other stuff and things-I think we all just want to be seen and mirrored in some way.


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