This picture has been my past week-ish…the essentials for healing any ailment: people magazine, outdated drama series you’re just now discovering (Friday Night Lights…boy did I fall for that one…clear eyes-full hearts-can’t lose…forever), coloring materials, and cat cat cat. Cute cuddly cat. My body has been healing some health issues and that has required me to listen closer to what it needs, which I’m pretty horrible at. I’ve never felt confident I’m reading my body right-I’ve made a solid life overriding it. This time I’ve really been trying though and I have to say-Johnny is pretty helpful in this category because she absolutely does every single thing her body wants to…even if it’s real unattainable (sleeping in a box only her head fits into). I question if she really needs that many naps but hey, I’m not a cat-I don’t know what that cat body needs. But she does, and when you’re laying around more than usual-having a simplified visual aid to emulate makes healing a lot easier. I don’t know how I’ll get over Friday Night Lights being over though..something that sucks when you watch a series long after it’s over is you haven’t ruled out another season. That last football game. Wow. It was a sad, dramatic goodbye.

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