Creepin’ Into May

This picture makes me laugh so hard, I pull it up at least once a day to remind myself how funny simple things can be. It’s basically Johnny’s reaction to me trying to close the bathroom door. She’s not impressed…so she slllooowwwlly made her presence known, at which point I captured this: one paw and slight amount of face creeping in around the door. Going into May otherwise I feel mixed reviews in my mind-on the one hand it tends to feel full of possibilities and I love elements of summer..on the other I get pretty whiny about Memorial Day. And Labor Day for that matter. I really don’t know why, maybe because I’m still attached to how they mark leaving school and coming back with this whole period in between where I feel pressure to vacation or grow a lot. Coming back from breaks was always such a big deal: “what did you do this summer?!” And if you didn’t have a good story you felt kinda lame. I guess I still have some time to figure out how Johnny and I will have an epic summer, but for now..we’ll just ever so slightly creep into May:


  1. Lovely cat😍 I understand when you talk about the pressure of narrating once breaks and vacations. I think people should be allowed to enjoy their time as they wish to be!

    • Thank you for the lovely cat comment-I read it out loud to Johnny and I’m pretty sure she understood and says thank you too 🙂 And I so agree about enjoying the summer break how you want!! I’m going to try that this time around

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