My cat’s not a dragon

She’s just not. Which borderline disappoints me for the premiere of Game of Thrones. Most the time she’s this insane mythical creature to me who makes the world bearable, less dumb, more fun. Right now she’s just kind of eating my laptop corner and has no wings, no fire, I can’t ride her around the city. She has made a considerably dark period easier though-for that, I will change her litter box and pull back my criticism on her form.


    • It’s definitely one I couldn’t get the lighting right on her little face-which is just scrunched up in my armpit lol…I forgot how others have dragon relative pets!! 🙂

      • LOL, end of the day… how we look at the creatures matters, chameleon/Dragon lizards/owl.. we have people who love to have as pets,
        But you know Cats and dogs are most friendly than any other pet.. especially Cat and doggies have tendency to know the owners pshyoogical behaviour and the care.. they even understand the strongest emotions. Great that you are too close to that little creature, 💙

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