No joke

I think even in the womb I hated April fools day. Probably got tricked into thinking I was about to get ice cream and then it was jello. If you break it down it’s a day that translates to being on guard and trusting nothing-thanks I’m all set on that one! It’s like leftover jerk leprechauns from March decided to make this other day…where they’d just mess with everyone and then somehow it became “EVERY year this should be encouraged to collectively happen on one day!!!” I actually stay home and limit interaction on this holiday-if you have any kind of anxiety or other specialty that requires meds or therapy…or a cat who calms your nerves…who you make a blog around because she’s so damn great….April fool’s reinforces most the shit you’re trying to get under control. Or I guess I could look at it as a super challenge day, really get out there and see how I manage being tricked over and over again!!! Already gave that a second thought. Nope.

This face says it all, this is how I feel today:

This image is of my cat giving a serious staring don’t mess with me face. It’s mostly in her eyes.


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