That face

This is a simple picture-of my cats face. In the last post I talked about times when I basically mess things up. I’m not too far from that in this post…it’s a cousin to messing things up: feeling like crap. Sometimes, I just feel like crap. I tried to think of how to expand that, say smarter words-but crap wins. There’s a lot of things I do in these times, things I used to haaaattteeee hearing about or even trying (baths, tea, anything nice to yourself basically). Turns out all that stuff I thought was real dumb is actually pretty great. In addition, one of my favorite things to do is stare straight into my cats face. You read that right. I stare at her calming little face-and it’s wonderful. Maybe it’s because she gazes back with only one message: “all that matters is right here, right now.” She creates a pause button in my chaotic mind, a mind that could turn a symphony into heavy metal in one second. Her gaze requires my gaze, she can’t talk and I don’t like talking, so we lay quietly face to face and are simply together. It makes the crap a little less crappy.


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