Where are you now

The cover photo today is of my first cat, Frankie (yes I had a Frankie and now I have a Johnny-not because I loved the movie, just how the names sounded together). He was only 8 when he suddenly passed away two years ago. It’s funny (maybe not funny but man that’s a catchy popular saying “it’s funny how…”) the order things in life have to go for certain things to happen. If Frankie hadn’t died-I never would’ve found Johnny. I lost part of myself when Frankie left, and gained new pieces when Johnny came in. He had a similar spirit-attuned to my behaviors and on guard should I need help. I miss him. He randomly came into my life when I lived in Chicago-I wanted an orange male cat and one day my roommate brought home this very not orange cat a client of hers desperately needed a home for. I was so judgy!!! Here was this beautiful boy with swirls on his side and I stared at him as if she had brought a turd in the house. I guess it’s how many things in life go-lost so others are found…you lose a lot to gain a lot. You put yourself out, get crushed, vow to stay under a rock, get out of said rock, find something even better..on and on. I keep that rock close by, I may have at least one toe under it at all times even with wonders like Johnny. But I don’t think that toe has missed out on its career path or anything.

Here’s a bonus picture of my beautiful boy, wherever he is now.


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