Body cat-ceptance

I may have tried too hard on that title, trying to work a cat into the word acceptance. Do you ever do that? Have an idea you’ve just GOT to hammer out (side-note seeing capitalized GOT distracted me to thinking about Game Of Thrones…and how I haaavvvee to see some dragon action soon)-then you feel like you nailed it (got distracted again…I naturally made two references to using tools there-hammer out and nailing it-self esteem upped!)-and then later you’re kinda like…well, it was an idea, I’ll give you that. Well outside my title brain time, my thought behind this post was noticing how animals can really help you forget any discomfort (for me, judgements) you have with your body…or at least Johnny does. I noticed this as she sat on my lap yesterday-how she could give a crap about my stomach shape, to her it’s perfect. I’m not saying this approval rating has cured my bad body image days but it can briefly remind me how abstract a body really is. It’s just this form with defined edges moving around spaces at different speeds and positions. When I watch how Johnny interacts with her body it really is about that damn licking mostly-and her expressions there look pretty simple “well-gotta get that spot clean again.”


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