Catdoodle noodle

I was working on some drawings and only got so far as this one simple line-it kinda makes a cat. I was watching Johnny sleep, thinking of what I’m going to do today. The feeling I have is loose-somewhere between an existential freak out and surfer dude chill. My friend and I endearingly call this a noodle time. Where you just kind of are. You don’t try to change for the other person or yourself. It’s hard to find that in other humans. For sure I have it nailed around Johnny, the only thing I imagine running through her head existentially is “where does my food come from if it’s not in here or that cabinet-what does that mean about my need to eat-should I even be alive?” My next move is to get to my car, where I’ll try to noodle out there…that’s as far as I got-a simple outline-it kinda makes a day.

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