….I’m home

I don’t have an amazing job by many standards, it’s simple. I pick up food, I drop it off….repeat. So I deliver food, or as I like to say it in a fancy way: I’m a courier. I enjoy it though, when it’s time to leave the house I’m excited…when I come home I feel I’ve earned the tag line many do after a long day at work “[insert whoever lives with you here] I’m home!” My cat, Johnny is the recipient of my emphatic exclamation at the end of a shift. It’s not often I have additions like “I forgot the milk”….but there’s occasional “I got you a new mouse” ones. I’ve also always had a fear of opening the door to a dark room that no one’s in. I’m instantly 5 and every monster is soooooo right behind the door. Even leaving a light on with no human or animal on the other side (add the tv being on) didn’t help. Alexa wasn’t that helpful either “Alexa, are there any monsters in the house since I’ve been gone?” Having Johnny however calms me down as I turn the key. I’m positive if anything was weird she’d be geeked out in a corner or right at the door with a “a dark shadow with fangs is in the kitchen” look. It’s a simple thing at the end of a simple job-but it’s a comforting ritual to coming home.


  1. I know what you mean and as I was younger I would sleep with my back to the wall, unable to turn it to the unknown darkness. You got a great protector though and Johnny’s got your back. Who else would bring the occasional mouse besides you. 😉

  2. I know what you mean! My cat Checkers always brings me reassurance when I’m at my place by myself. It kinda been weird lately cause I moved and I had a friend to look after him to get settle to the new place. Just seems so weird entering the apartment without him being by the door wait to greet me. But I’m picking him up tomorrow to our new place and I’m excited. So, trust me… I totally get it. Lol!

    • I love how you understand so much-everything you said is so how I feel!! And I love the name checkers!! I can’t wait for him to get home and be your greeter again soon-makes such a difference 🙂

      • Aw, thanks! Named him after the fastfood burger place… lol! Found him as a kitten years ago in an abandoned building next to a Checkers. He was stuck under a pile of bricks. Poor thing could barely breathe. His distress meow was a bit faint. What pissed me off, the people that worked in Checkers said they heard meowing for 2 weeks, wondered where it came from, but did nothing about it. Ya know how angry I was? I boil in rage deep inside. It doesn’t matter now. He’s happy with me as his crazy cat lady mom… lol! Sorry for the ramble. I love my cat and cats in general. 😊

      • I love rambles…always 🙂 especially about cats-and omg checkers!! I remember that place-it’s such a perfect namesake-that little guy is so lucky you found him! I think sometimes it feels more like they find you. I’d be so pissed at those workers too!! How do you not do something?? Poor little guy-it’s so great he got you because all that first life experience trauma he had got taken care of and chilled out. That’s how I feel about Johnny-she was so freaked out when I got her because she’d lost her mom and sister and was confused about where to pee and stuff and I was glad I helped calm her little nerves…they love us crazy cat moms 🙂

      • Aw, poor Johnny. He’s lucky to have you! And you’re right, it’s like they have found us, instead the other way around. I will definitely try to keep up with your adventures with your adorable Johnny. He’s so cah-yute! 😀

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