Take that love….somewhere else

Like every relationship-there’s days me and my cat don’t mesh well. Sometimes you don’t want someone to attune and know what you need, or comfort you. Sometimes comfort brings feelings of anger and rejection…”take your nice stuff and don’t even look at me!!!” When this happens with Johnny it’s basically her trying alllllll day to get close to me, lay on me, massage me-and when she gets close I roll over or get up or make a general “nuuuhhhhooooo.” Eventually she’ll sit in front of a window, occasionally looking back like “it was going to be a real great cuddle.” These are times I’m certain if she was a human, the response wouldn’t be staring out a window, silently glancing back (probably also not tip toeing room to room to cuddle). So I’m still pretty glad she’s a cat.

I would love to read your words

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