4 limbs

This picture is my legs with Johnny’s front paws stretched across my stomach…pretty epic right?! Photo genius over here. The reason I liked it is because it captures this casual hangout energy we have-the kind I’m most likely to fantasize about with a human partner in a lifetime movie setting of sorts (a Sunday afternoon lounge, a crossword puzzle I surely can’t do and maybe my partner pokes fun at my attempts, coffee from a French press-spring outside, and our side by side composure). Well I don’t have that type of human companion and I’m not sure where that path will lead. In the meantime, as satisfied as I’ve been with my life majority as a single woman…I’d be lying to say I haven’t packed a few cry days in an awkward social sandwich in there. So I do become a single cat lady cliche in some ways, and I go head first into it by indulging moments like this where my cat’s casual resting of a couple legs on me hits some serious endorphins around our human nature pack mentality (mostly shrouded in that mentioned lifetime scenario).


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