My Funny Valentine

Two years ago today I brought my cat Johnny Rose home, my little valentine. I didn’t realize how lost I felt at the time, how some kind of emptiness was expanding. It felt like The Nothing in the movie The Neverending Story-a vast storm that kept spreading inside and everything it touched took on paralysis. And then Johnny came in-and everything she touched woke up. I couldn’t get enough of her and spent weeks holding her small frame on my chest. It feels like a cliche at this point to say we curled up with Netflix…but we did. I wish I could insert that we watched cool cult classics from any decade but I’m pretty sure it was just House Hunters (I swear the couple always picks the house they hate the most). Fast forward two years, we’re snuggled up and I’ve never felt a storm like The Nothing again-it’s impossible with this cat in my life. The cover photo is her first day home with a favored stuffed animal and the one below is us tonight….


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