when we first met

Johnny Rose. The last cat behind glass, staring at the floor. I’d romanticized our first meeting: we’d lock eyes, she’d paw at the glass, I’d demand to hold her. It went more like this: I walked by her and as she barely noticed me, I said “if you’re still here after I look at more cats I’ll think about it.” I did come back, hours later…still skeptical. I held her, we didn’t click….so I took her home. Despite our disconnect there was one thing she did well with, being held. I held that kitten so much she became an extension of my arms-a growth on my chest. And that’s where our adventures as a duo began, where this blog begins as a medium to share what we’ve taught each other and how we continue to grow-also this cat is hilarious and adorable, so I can’t just sit on all these pictures and videos of her-it wouldn’t be fair to withhold all that joy. I’ll also share toys and other products we test out-although so far nothing beats the dang cardboard box.


  1. I’m going to love reading your sweet blog, Ashley . I read your most recent 3 and then the first one about meeting Johnny. Thanks for sharing ! Barb

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